Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reading Pet Peeves

We all have them, those little tics that set us off no matter how small or trivial it seems to other people. In this blog I'll talk about my top three pet peeves as relates to reading and books.

1) Dog Eared Books

This always drives me crazy. I know a lot of people do it to save their page, but I can't stand it. Whenever I come across a page that has been dog eared I compulsively have to flatten it out. If you want to mark your page get a bookmark, they make a variety of them. You can even use a scrap of paper if necessary.

2) The Book Borrower that Never Returns the Book

The key word is borrow. I'm letting you borrow my book, I'm not giving it to you. You can't keep it forever. I'm one of those people who will read books over and over, so eventually I will want to read my book again which is hard to do when I don't have it. If you like the book so much, buy your own copy.

3) The Over-The-Shoulder Reader

I don't like people leaning over my shoulder for any reason. There is such a thing as personal space and if I can feel your breath on the back of my neck, you are in my personal space. It's uncomfortable having someone leaning over your shoulder reading what you're reading. Reading isn't a group activity, if that's what your looking for go join a sports team.


  1. This cracked me up!! I actually have to say, though, I love when I'm somewhere and I feel someone reading over my shoulder. That's probably weird, but I like the idea that someone is reading what I'm reading, and they are interested in it; it's almost like a way for me to share with them something that I think is awesome reading!

  2. If someone borrows my book and does not return it, I will literally hunt them down like a bounty hunter.

  3. I completely agree! All of these are huge pet peeves of mine too when it comes to reading. If you're really that interested in reading over my shoulder... just go find another copy of the book! It's that simple, really.